You Need Calculator LCD On Your iPad (REVIEW)

There are many different calculators on the App Store. Some are scientific and some are just normal calculators. Using the right calculator is a hard decision. But worry no more. Calculator LCD, developed by Creative Soft Ltd, does the job perfectly.

Calculator LCD has all the basic functions you need. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division is all in there. Calculator LCD also has small widgets on the calculator screen. One widget tells you what is stored in the calculator’s memory while another widget allows you to select the tax rate and then make use of those “tax+” and “tax-” buttons in your calculations. Furthermore, there are buttons included in the calculator screen that help in toggling Silent mode and the other allows you to change the display color.

Additional benefits:
– Copy/paste function
– Silent mode (on/off sound button)
– Function Tax+ and Tax-
– Supports Retina display

Calculator LCD doesn’t have many functions apart from those mentioned above. It also does not have scientific functions such as sin, cos, tan etc. On the other hand Calculator LCD provides a neat display. All the buttons are big and bold (like they should be).

Calculator LCD is an amazing App available on the App Store, only for iPad, for $0.99 in the productivity category.