Make your Android Battery Last Longer With GreenPower (REVIEW)

You would, most probably, have come across that one moment when take your phone out of your pocket and then you notice it is dead or your phone was just 100% charged and then in the blink of an eye it was 0%. Nowadays our smartphones are using too much juice in the background that hardly any of it is left for the user. So Binary Mango AS made came up with GreenPower to make sure that your phone last longer while doing the same stuff.

GreenPower is the perfect solution. It manages your battery so brilliantly that it will last longer than expected. Unlike most other battery savers that require manual actions, GreenPower is automatic. Just install the app and forget about it. GreenPower manages everything from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to Screen Brightness and Traffic. GreenPower does it quietly in the background that there is no effect on the phones performance.

The layout of the app is quite interesting. You will find every option and every detail on the home page. Everything is laid out boldly and that you will not miss a single feature of the app. Even the settings screen is plain and normal not like all jumbled up into each other. Even though Bluetooth management and widget are included only in the premium version, the free one has lots to offer.

Overall, GreenPower is a must on every phone. With all the features it has to provide in the free version it’s worth the download. GreenPower is available on the Google Play Store in the productivity category as free and there is a paid version for $3.50 dollars.