The Tiny Bang Story for iOS Is An Interactive Game With Puzzles And Amazing Graphics

The Tiny Bang Story for iOS is a fantastic game in the form of a book with no text at all. It is more of a game than a book whereby you need to solve puzzles in the first 5 chapters of the game to restore Tiny Planet and give its inhabitants their life back. Appearance wise, it can be considered to be a book with no text and amazing hand drawn graphics.

The entire world in the game is hand drawn and the graphics have been finely crafted. Extreme attention to details has been paid and the sounds are smooth as well. The in game puzzles are fun and need strategical thinking in order to complete them. In all chapters, you’ve got mini games. There are over 30 mini games that take you mind for a ride.

Even the App website has been extremely well designed and the entire experience is very natural. Gameplay is as interactive as the design and everything fits it perfectly fine. You’ll have some quality fun with the game as it involves thinking and is pleasing at the same time. Although, it might take some time for you to figure out how the game works.

You can get the iPhone version from here and the iPad version from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 9/10