Can You Shoot Your Opponent Before He Shoots You? Try High Noon Jonny for iOS (REVIEW)

High Noon Jonny is a game in which your aim is to surpass the score of your virtual or physical opponent. To portray this, you need to have a good reaction time, so that you can shoot your opponent before they can shoot you. Both you and your opponent are stationed still in a scene which looks as if it’s supposed to replicate the wild west back in the 20th century. Each needs to try and shoot the other after a bell is sounded. The person who kills their opponent first is the winner of that round. Many alternative rounds follow post to the first one, each with a random time for the bell to increase the difficulty and inspire one’s reaction time to be improved.


Upon your first launch of this application you will be greeted with a few things that need to be completed for the initial set up of the game. One of these being Apple’s Game Center. You’re asked to sign in so that the application can gain access to your Game Center account to let your friends know that you’re playing this game and that they should perhaps join you. Additionally your scores will be posted here, so that you can get competition going with your friends who also have this application installed on their iOS device.

The overall versatility of this application definitely presents a positive impression to the user, due to the huge range of different game types ‘High Noon Jonny’ has to offer. Moreover this impression is fourthly improved by the fact that they are all relatively different from each other – we certainly thought that there was a significant amount of differentiation between each of the game types. This might not be encouraging for new users of this application however the burden of all the different game types can easily be overcome with time.

We’ll admit to saying that this game isn’t the easiest to learn. However the developer has compensated for such things by including a great set of informative instructions of which take you though the various game types also. We’re confident that the vast majority of users will be able to develop their skills easier in this game after the instructions have been read.

The UI (user interface) and the graphics which have been designed are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The color saturation goes together perfectly with the Retina Display on your iPhone – alongside this the highly appropriate colors and fluid animations pay a direct compliment to the outstanding gameplay. We love the realism expressed by the characters during the gameplay of this application. Additionally the pure fluidity of the actions of the characters represents the efficiency of the code used and implemented. Furthermore we feel that the animation used within this application surpasses that of many other, more expensive ones.


The App tends to use more battery than other games.

In addition to this, internal advertising of the developer’s other applications pop up every single time the application is opened, this is something the developer can control and we think that that they should take the responsibility by not bombarding their customers with their other applications.

Overall, High Noon Jonny is a good game with great graphics and an interesting concept.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 9/10

Get this App for [$0.99] here.

There is also a free version which can be downloaded from here.