Apple Should Integrate Reminders And Notification Center on Mac This Way (IMAGE)

Reminders and Notification Center on Mac IntegrationA user on Reddit posted a concept mockup on how Apple should integrate the Reminders App with the Notification Center. The way Reminders App works in sync across all devices via iCloud is phenomenal, but certain elements need to be changed, and this is one of them. Hopefully, Apple will hear the voice of its users as it has been doing so for these many years.

What do you think?

via Reddit

  • Robin Bastien

    Yes! Absolutely necessary feature IMO – the notification center is surprisingly lacking at the moment. I’d really like to see improvement to natively see things like Reminders integrating with webcal & RSS feeds, and notification center having anĀ intuitiveĀ “Widget adding” style UI, with an easy way for 3rd party developers to add their own widgets.