Animate Your Drawings With Animation Desk for Mac (Review)

Animation Desk for Mac has been developed by Kdan Mobile Software LTD which resides under the ‘Entertainment’ category in Apple’s Mac App Store. It gives you the great advantages of professional animation production and at the same time provides an intuitive UI (user interface) which allows you to do all of the powerful animation stuff with great ease. The aim of this application is to integrate the idea of advanced drawing skills and marrying them to easy animations which will undoubtedly impress your viewers. In order to create simple animation, you need to have some knowledge of layers, because this is the main process you should look at portraying in order to be productive with this application.

After you have created your animation, there are many ways in which you can export and share it.


At first glance, users will instantly notice the breath taking design of this application. Its uniqueness is more than likely to immediately draw the user in and encourage them to get started with their designs and animations. Moreover we’ve come to notice that for the most part, this application is definitely aesthetically beautiful.

The versatility of this application is fantastic, it’s definitely safe to say that the developer has put a lot of effort into making sure that this application is not only as connected as it can be, but as versatile as it can be as well. An example of this is the fact that they have included the ability to send your animations as E-cards to your friends and family. This doesn’t just present forward thinking, it also expresses to the user that the developer has considered the environment when developing this application.

Despite its considerably small size of approximately 40MB, this application does utilize the power of your Mac. It’s clear that some serious development and progress has been made to ensure that this application has been optimized for the Mac, as opposed to being a slightly re-coded version from the iPad. This is something we like to see, it shows the developers dedication to their work.

In direct comparison to many other animation based programs this application is highly intuitive and even the average consumer looking for some fun with their new Mac can create something truly breathtaking. Lack of complex code knowledge doesn’t put the user to a disadvantage with this application and it should in no way at all restrict what can be created with this application.  This clearly shows the specific target market in which the developer has directly designed and based their application on. After some basic instructions on how to use this application, you are on your way to creating and designing something to make your friends gasp!


Despite the fact that this application is relatively easy to operate, we feel that from start up; some might be confused with the idea and infrastructure as to how this application should be used.

While the UI of this application is generally positive, we feel that there is some room for improvement on the developers part. This is due to the impeccable annoyance of the disability to resize the application window.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 8/10

Get this App for $6.99 here.

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