iRobbery for iOS is a Challenging Arcade Game (REVIEW)

In iRobbery for iOS, your objective is to help Marvin rob banks before the cops show up. Featuring a classic arcade style gameplay, iRobbery includes an exciting fast-paced action in which you need to show the extra cashload that bank reserves the way to the exit and into your pocket.

The game features 20 levels in which you need to be accurate in choosing the directions so as to move the cash to the exit doors. Game center is completely integrated with iRobbery so you can compare your high scores with an online global leaderboard. The levels are tough and get harder as you progress.

On certain levels, you’ve got only 4 seconds to direct the cash to the right way or else the alarm will go off and the cops will show up. Some levels also sport a spinning alarm which you need to be careful of. Touch any one of them and the cops will yet again show up (surprise)! 20 levels are not enough and we hope the developer add support for more with updates sooner or later.

Overall, iRobbery has neat graphics, good sound and a fun gameplay. It is not something for the serious gamer, but a good time killer.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 8/10

You can download iRobbery for FREE from here.