Improve your Child’s Early Development with Natural Tots for iOS (REVIEW)

Natural Tots is a highly multifunctional application that will allow your child to be entertained and educated simultaneously. One Monk Clapping (the developers) have created an application which is great if you have young children/toddlers. Upon launch, your child will be presented with an inviting virtual atmosphere comprising of the great sound effects and some text explaining what your child is required to do to use this application. They are to naturally slide their fingers across the screen to reveal an image in which will grab their interest. Once the landscape or animal image has been revealed in its entirety a very clear voice over will sound to give the child some simple information in which they may not have heard before about the picture their viewing – shortly after the next photo will appear and your child will reveal it again.

This is one of many One Monk Clapping’s Applications as they’ve developed a few other applications, all of which are quite similar to this application. For example Natural Tots Birds uses the same infrastructure of this application however is specializes in the category of birds. So if you would like your child to learn in more detail about something more specific One Monk Clapping have got you covered.


The developer has clearly put a good amount of effort and consideration about how to make this application both functional and intuitive for a young audience to use. One of the decisions in which makes this clear is the lack of an opening menu screen. The developer obviously realized that the child would be enthusiastic to get going with this application so the initial set up process has has been done automatically so the user doesn’t have to do anything. Additionally, overall there really isn’t an obvious UI (User Interface) except for the gestures implemented by the children to increase interactivity, which consequently means that the child can just focus on the content in which is put before them. We feel that this will be beneficial to the education process of this application to the child. In addition to this we have also noticed that this application has been designed specifically so that the parents are the only ones whom can access the settings easily. The settings pane allows you to change Music Volume, Effects Volume, Voice over Volume and whether you want an aid to help your child reveal the image if they are struggling.

The sound effects are presented to the user while they’re using this application. A bespoke jingle has been created especially for this application which is designed to entertain and engage the child into playing the game. Also there are sound effects which respond to the input from the touch screen. This has been used so that the child can notice it which will therefore inspire them to carry on using this application to hear the sounds. Sounds effects are picture specific. The voice over used is very clear and concise and we can say from a detailed point of view that the voice used will not offend anyone from any different culture. The tone and tempo of the sentences spoken are very appropriate for a younger audience. We like to see the developer responding to their target audience with so much attention to detail.

Due to the fact that this application has been put into the education category of the App Store we had to test its ability to educate. We feel that for the most part the voice over mainly educates the children on this application, however we feel that the images presented to the child will develop good visualization and memory skills. A huge amount of effort, development and consideration has been put into the education aspect of this application and we can see from the results that every bit of it has paid off.



While we like the concept and the simplicity of the UI and the effort gone into making this application educational and intuitive – we feel that it is falling behind in the design department. The initial loading screen looks amateurish and doesn’t look particularly professional like some of the other applications form competitors. In addition to this, we aren’t particularly fond of the icon designed for this application.


We really like this application. It’s smooth, it implements Apple’s APIs exceptionally well, it is educational, intuitive and entertaining. The developer has put a lot of consideration into the vast majority of this application. We get the impression that most things have been very thoroughly thought out. However, the overall polish (graphical design) sinks our high opinion of this application slightly due to incompetent and poor graphics.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 9/10

Download this Application for $2.99 here.
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