CRM-Mate for iPad Offers A Powerful Dashboard For Managing Your Business

CRM-Mate for iPad is an application that allows you to completely manage your business information, client details and case management. Any business can use CRM-Mate to manage every single details about their business right from an iPad. The user interface is extremely intuitive and using CRM-Mate is a pleasure.

You can easily add client details, take specific notes for them, add calendar appointments and perform complete case management right from the iPad. All your valuable customers, their information and their upcoming project details will be available right in the App for direct usage.

The organizer will let you manage your calendar and tasks information in a very powerful interface. An incredible part is that it allows you to collaborate with your existing CRM solution. It is like a real folder with all your customer details that you can carry around with you.

iCloud sync is missing and some other minor features can definitely be added over time. The price point is high at $9.99. You can get it from here.


TheAppleGoogle Rating – 8/10