Call Your Friends For Free With Forfone (Review)

Toolani (developers) have created an application with resides under the “Social Networking” category of Apple’s App Store. Kind of like Skype and other VOIP services, Forfone will allow you to make 100% free phone calls to your friends who have also installed this application onto their iPhone or Android device. Toolani also claim that other VOIP services like Skype are inferior to their services due to the fact that they include additional features like, pulling all of your contacts from your address book on your iPhone. This is one of the many things that they claim. Text messaging can also be achieved by way of utilizing Forfone’s services. Like making VOIP calls, text messaging on this application can only be achieved when you have access to 3G or WiFi connections. Basic cellular signal is irrelevant. Credit can be purchased for calling those people in your address book who don’t have this application installed on their phone also.


It appears that the developer has considered the idea of utilizing Apple’s more simple APIs to integrate their application into the Apple eco-system. In addition to this when you first launch this application you will greeted with a number of dialogue boxes asking you if you would like the application to import your contacts from your address book on your iPhone. We like this feature as it saves you trying to remember people’s phone numbers or inputting the entries manually. This feature is almost exclusive on this application, which is one of the reasons why its superior to its competitors. Unlike Skype, you don’t have to remember the username of the person you are trying to contact, if they are on ForFone and on your address book, you will automatically find them. Works amazingly well!

We quickly noticed from navigating around the infrastructure of this application that it has been well developed and the code has been maintained correctly. Due to the fact that the UI (User Interface) is very smooth and all gestures used are very slick and loading screens are all very brief. Alongside this we love the way the developer has managed to represent Apple’s phone interface well enough so that its intuitive to the average iPhone user, but at the same time they haven’t copied it at all, due to the fact that colours are different and all of the menus and input boxes are a fluctuation of the system that Apple are using.

If you feel that your contract is getting too expensive or you are on a ‘prepaid/pay as you go’ plan you will find this application and its ‘Credit’ packages very beneficial. With packages ranging from $0.99 to $9.99 there is something which will suit everyone. One of the main USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of this application is the idea of making overseas calls. It will cost you nothing at all (when connected to WiFi or 3G) to make a call back home if you’re on vacation in a different country for example. Overall this feature will allow you to manage the amount of money you spend on making calls and sending text messages. It is good if you’re on a budget.


There aren’t any significant downsides to this application. It works flawlessly, voice quality is good and has a very neat interface.


Toolani have expanded on their already successful business by creating an application for smartphones and their cross-platform support will allow more users to make calls and send text messages for free. Their UI is simple and very intuitive to many iPhone users who are already used to such interfaces. Call quality is good and the inclusion of push notifications is convenient.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 10/10

Download Forfone for FREE here.

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