Social Media – The Different Faces Of This Book

Facebook DominanceIt has been just a few years since the birth of the internet based social media but it is a rage all over the world. Facebook provided the platform for people to connect with each other and has been an unparalleled success. However, history has taught us that “all business models are replaced with new ones”. There would yet be so many underlying needs of people which have not yet been addressed and that are where the root of the new concept lies. For one thing is for sure that social media is here to stay and would evolve by leaps and bounds to transform the way we communicate, interact, plan, do business , play, gain information, share emotions, buy, collect groups, achieve results and do a host of other things.

Having said that, there are already several social media users who are bothered about privacy infringement. There are others who are worried about comebacks at a later point in their lives based on what they have shared with others through the social media. And yet there is a teaming population who still has not had enough and are desperately trying to find out new ways and means to reach out to others across the whole world. They are the ones whom they do not know but who would be able to make a meaningful difference to their lives. It is in these “wants” where the dormant seed of a new social media product lies.

As time flies, there would be choices that would emerge. Who knows that there might be a new kid on the block who would be working hard on a start-up to find out the answers? Or perhaps a technology geek who hates the success of the newly founded social media companies so much that he would be planning to come out with another option which will create the “big bang”. Or another firm which will want to lift its sagging revenue lines by bringing a new product to the fore.

And the world awaits the arrival of the new messiah of the social media. There would be a new face in the book. Everybody would like to fast forward the time today to be there to skip to the new wonder product and yet another great company will emerge. King Arthur will feel happy once more knowing that the wisdom of “the old order changing yielding place to new” would have proved itself true yet one more time.

Image credit – Clicky Media