Make Better Decisions With Votely for iOS

Making decisions could be a difficult thing to do especially with many choices. But now it will get a whole lot easier when you have input from your Facebook friends. Votely, developed by Planrly Inc, is an app that makes your decision making process fun. Votely provides a neat and innovative way of making decisions with the voting done by your Facebook friends. May it be a movie to watch or car to choose, Votely will tell you by getting rapid input from your friends instantly. Votely is completely integrated with Facebook, so you don’t have to add friends in to it.

As the App name suggests, it a voting App. Users can publish their questions to Facebook through the App and their friends can vote on the best choice. Users can also add pictures to their question to make it easier to vote. Percentages of votes can also be viewed easily to revealing the most voted answer.

The interface of the App is very simple. There aren’t too many colors that would disturb the user. Everything is labeled clearly and the directions are so simple that asking a question is just a matter of seconds. The color scheme is nicely chosen to meet the user’s expectations. Questions and answers of your friends or by you are divided into categories “You” and “Friends” that make the App clean and tidy.

Overall, Votely is a fun and an interesting way of asking questions and voting on answers. It integrates with Facebook seamlessly so you get instant feedback for friends. Votely is available on the App Store for free and we highly recommend it as a handy tool.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 9/10