Dark Summoner is a RPG with Incredible Graphics for Android – Review

Dark Summoner has made it to the Android platform after being long available on iOS. Dark Summoner is a role playing game with incredible attention paid to the graphics. Your objective is to defeat your enemies with your monsters. You need to raise powerful monsters, help them acquire great power and then command them to attack your enemies. You also need to keep up with your allies, build up a clan and defeat the dark lord.

If you happen to defeat a dark lord, they become your friends and support you in your next fight. You need to unite the world by keeping the bad guys away.

The gameplay is good, but needs some understanding before you begin. Just like Age of Empires or Civilization, Dark Summoner presents the user with many options. Sounds are very neatly done and extremely detailed. The most stunning part of the game is the graphics. The graphics is something that will keep you attached to the game. It is not a small game that will help you kill some time, this one is very detailed and requires thinking and strategy building.

One issue with the game is that it requires an active internet connection and before you begin, the game needs to download some data before starting.

Overall, Dark Summoner is a great game with a lot of hard work put in it.

You can get the App for free from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 8/10