With BroadwayBarks for iOS Your Children Will be Entertained for Hours – Review

broadwaybarksInteractivity is key when creating a teaching aid for young children. The iPad has revolutionized the way in which small children learn to read. CJ Educations have portrayed their best efforts into allowing BroadwayBarks application to be simplistic, but however at the same time exercise a child’s mind. BroadwayBarks is an application in which immediately after launch the user is presented with a screen to go straight to the book, this menu screen utilizes the full amount of space in the iPad’s screen but at the same time doesn’t appear to look cluttered. We feel strongly that the majority of children would be able to navigate to the books on their own. The book contains a storyline involving a dog which speaks for the majority of the time for as you progress thorough the book.


The graphics have been well thought out from the perspective of the actual story in this application, colours are considerate and all graphics are clean, bold and clear. Despite this we do feel quite strongly disappointed by the fact that CJ Education haven’t updated their application to support the Retina Display on Apple’s new iPad. But, we are certain that it is in the works.

Narrators have clearly been carefully picked upon the development of this application which is proved by the clear and the smooth nature of the tone.

Overall, we are impressed with the work of CJ Educations as they have created a polished well thought-out application for your kids – we hope that it will be used in the most advanced of schools that support iPads.

You can get the App for $2.99 from the App Store.


TheAppleGoogle Rating 8/10