Following Apple, Amazon Acquires 3D Map App UpNext

Here comes Amazon into the whole 3D maps war. With Apple replacing Google Maps in iOS 6 and rolling out its very own 3D maps applications, Amazon wants to do the same thing, of-course. Amazon has acquired UpNext to signal that an Amazon powered Maps application could be making its way to the Kindle Fire, without Google’s permission.

It is a bad scenario for Google, but for us as customers – it is all good. The fiercer the competition, the better the services. At the moment, Kindle Fire users can only use Maps by downloading a 3rd party application like Google Maps from the marketplace, but it appears that soon they will have a built in solution coming directly from Amazon.

With Google now selling its own Nexus tablet, Amazon needs to catch up and it is very likely that with Kindle Fire 2, they would put this acquisition to use. The price of the acquisition has not been disclosed by according to GigaOM, every investor would get a 5x return on their investment.

While the price of the acquisition is undisclosed, we’ve heard that investors are getting a 5x return on the investment from 16 months ago. As part of the deal, the four-person company will be shipping off to Seattle to lead the company’s core mapping effort, according to a source familiar with the matter.

We will keep you updated as to where Amazon goes with this acquisition.