Stunt Bunnies Circus for iOS and Android Review

Chilibite Games is a new publishing company developed by ex-members of ‘Polarbit,’ the developers of Reckless Getaway and many more popular titles. They have published their first gane on both, the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store, which is ‘Stunt Bunnies Circus.’ This is a ‘Pick n Play’ game, which is the category in which Chilibite games hopes to publish future Games.

The main theme behind Stunt Bunnies Circus is that the owner of a circus decides to remove any safety nets, in order to attract more audience, and so, as a fellow brave bunny, it is our job to cath them and return them safely to the ground. You play as a heroish bunny, with a jetpack strapped to his back.

As bunnies keep falling from above, or being launched from cannons, or both, you tap anywhere on the screen to make your super-bunny (That is what we’re going to call him) fly there, and if there are any bunnies in his way, he will valiantly grab them and save them from their doom. You can, however, keep up to 5 bunnies, before you must return to the ground to unload. Collecting more bunnies in one flight gives you more points, or ‘coins,’ which is the game’s monetary system. You can spend these coins at the market, where you can buy additional but limited items such as Rocket Fuel, which makes your rocket fly faster for one round, and crash mats, to save bunnies you missed. In all, at the moment, there are 5 chapters in the game, with about 8 levels in each, so there is plenty for you to enjoy before the next update hits, bringing more levels and goodies. There is much more than I can mention like bunny shooting cannons and lots of fire. But we’ll leave that for you to discover. What I’d like to see is long-term or permanent items in the market, such as a permanent increase to our bunny holding capacity and more, with that, this game would be simply perfect.

One of the most outstanding qualities of this game are its Graphics. the graphics are pretty High Res, and even when runnin on a 720P Display on my One X, I noticed no lackbof detail, and it also looked great when connected to my HDTV via HDMI cable + MHL Adapter. The colours are really nice and contrasting, and the graphics generally add up to the user experience.
stunt bunnies circus
Pros: This game is great at being a Pick N Play, has amazing graphics, and lots of levels and items to keep a gamer busy.
Cons: The market could use permanent items as well

Overall, this is a great game, and if I could sum it all up in one word, it would be ‘Perfect.’ And the best part? This game is free. No strings attached.

Hit the links below to download Stunt Bunnies Circus for free on both platforms:

iOS Link

Android Link