Smart WiFi Pro for Android Makes Using WiFi Easy – Review

Smart WiFi Pro for Android is an exclusive tool to manage your WiFi settings on your Android device. With just one tap, users can toggle the WiFi on/off, check for WiFi hotspots nearby to connect, provide detailed information about all relevant hotspots and automatic switching if 3G is available. The App will search for all the nearest hotspots and present details about them in an intuitive format.

It will also automatically connect to certain hotspots to check if the internet connection is usable or not. It randomly connects to the best possible hotspot to provide internet access with ease. Radar view is good to keep a track of the hotspot distance. If WiFi is on yet a hotspot is not available, it will automatically switch to 3G to provide better internet access.

The best part is automatic shutdown. If the App notices that WiFi has not been used for a long time, it will automatically shut it down. Another great thing is that you can set static IP for different connections instead of being able to setup one IP for all connections. This one is very helpful.

It would be even better if detailed reports of data usage was provided. The App works incredibly at the moment and you can try the free version before you purchase it. Overall, it is a very healthy and functioning WiFi utility for your Android device.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 9/10