Shoot Bees in Splat Attack for iPhone (REVIEW)

splatattackSplat Attack is a new game for iPhone and iPod touch from Cupco Games which features exciting graphics and a stunning gameplay. Your objective is to kill the upcoming bees by shooting at them in the right direction. Sometimes, bees just don’t get killed in one attempt, so you have to shoot in the right direction to hit them down. You are the turret in this exciting new title.

To hit the bees, you have to pull the turret to adjust the speed and also move it around for the direction. Hit it with the perfect angle in mind, and you’ll soon find the army of bees down. You can collect points and coins along the way to upgrade your turret. The game also includes many combos that perform different actions and will help you lose track of multiple bees at at time.

The part that makes the game shine is the graphics and the sound. This is what makes Splat Attack exciting. It is a quick game with many levels for hours of fun.

Here is a quick video demonstrating the gameplay –

You can get the game from here for $0.99

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 9/10