Max Power Adventures for iOS Review

The App Store is flooded with all sorts of role playing games.  From 2D to 3D, indie developers to the big guns, it’s quite difficult to filter through them all to find that excellent experience on your phone.  Max Power Adventures doesn’t aim to provide that type of quality – more of a comedic side to the genre.

It’s clear when you first start the game that the developers are trying to make you laugh.  They claim that the game features 15 missions for 15+ hours of gameplay – which is true, if you read through all the text.  The characters talk for quite a large portion of game time but don’t progress the story any further than they could do in half the speech.  I ended up tapping my way to oblivion just to skip the text.
You must build your army by recruiting new allies from 16 different classes and organise your 24-men battalion into small teams to save Princess Ceksie.  On-board, you have 3 main characters to make your way through the game, each with their own abilities.

You must tap anywhere you’d like to move to, whether it be beside the enemy or near a treasure chest.  If you choose the enemy, you can attack them, but if you approach the treasure chest, you will probably find some healing potions.

Once you have chosen to attack, a small horizontal menu pops up at the bottom.  You can choose what to do from there – attack your enemy with your most damaging ability or heal your weakest ally.  I found the layout very useful as you can easily pick your power and see the health of your enemies and your allies either side of the menu.

You can’t go insane and keep hitting that sword icon all the time.  You’re limited to three turns, or however much money you can spend on your abilities.  This adds the challenging side to the game.  It’s quite difficult to eliminate all the enemies in one fight, so you must choose your moves wisely.

The developers, Max Power Studios, gave the characters some…. well, character.  They don’t hold the same facial expression when they’re being attacked or are attacking.  Instead, their eyes might widen and their mouth might turn into a huge ‘O’.

Max Power Adventures isn’t the best role-playing game out there.  It’s definitely doesn’t have the most depth nor the best graphics – but that’s not what the developers were aiming for (in my opinion).  There is some comedy for you to read, which could do with some voice acting, and the game does have its pros, but it might not be the best $2.99 you could spend on the App Store.

You can download Max Power Adventures for $2.99 here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 7/10