King Original for iOS Review – Neat Card Game

Love card games especially those King games? Well, then this App is for you. King Original, developed by 65Gb, is the prime choice. There are many King games on the App Store but King Original provides the best graphics, well planned gameplay and unique user interface that will keep you going.

King Original has a suitable layout. Everything is placed neatly and labeled clearly so the user should have no problems figuring out where things are. There are game sounds that do not disturb the user and as well as simple backgrounds that don’t distract the user. And the gameplay itself is fairly simple and users should have no problem figuring out how to play and those with no knowledge of how to play Kings, it shouldn’t be hard task for them to play King Original.

King Original is a straight forward and simple gameplay. At first when the user will open the app, they will be shown with the following main menu options: “Game”, “Rules”, “Settings” and “Score”. The Game option will lead the player to the actual game where they will play. The Rules option will detail the user of how to play the game and rules. The Settings options will allow users to change difficulty levels, the players name and background themes. The Score option displays the user’s progress, maximum score, total loses and wins, minimum score and last games score.
King Original App Screenshot
The idea behind the game is to improve a person’s memory and logical skills. And as it is a card based game, there are 14 different hands involved each game. From those 14 hands, 7 hands served to the user are in negative making the users score loss while other 7 hands served to the user result in additional points in users score.

On the other hand, there are grammatical mistakes in the rules area and the phrases that pop up in game but they are not too much to fuss about.

Overall, King Original isn’t something extraordinary. The game is fun and exciting to play. Every person of any age can play but it might be a little confusing for younger people.

King Original is available on the App Store for $0.99.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 8/10