iWall Words Will Bring Graphically Beautiful Wallpapers to Your iPhone – Review

Under the Rainbow Media LLC have created an application in which will satisfy your iPhone’s wallpaper needs. With 180 Retina (960px x 640px) quality, in house designed wallpaper images for your iPhone we’re sure that the majority of you will be able to find a wallpaper to fit your needs. Upon opening this application you will be greeted with a straight forward menu in which directs you to the place to get your wallpapers as quickly as possible. In addition to this you will find a very brief set of instructions which simply informs you on how you are to set the images as your wallpaper on your iPhone. However, in spite of this its very self explanatory to save the wallpapers and we feel that this part of the application is rather unnecessary.

The niché of this application is that it sports co-ordinating wallpaper screens. This is a feature in which iWall Words has but most others in the same category don’t contain this feature in their applications. As you can see from the picture these eye catching graphics look very professional and its clear that the developer, Erika (Under the Rainbow Media LLC), has put a huge amount of time and effort into developing and designing all of these graphics, alongside creating and developing a beautiful, simple and functional application for the App Store.

The developer’s main reason for creating this application is because they had been using wallpaper applications for their iPhone’s for a while and never appeared to find one in which they really liked, so they decided to create their own. And it turns out that many people had the same point of view about the wallpaper applications that have been on the market ever since the App Store was released a few years ago.

The fact that this application has so many good features may lead you to think that it is flawless, so did we, and we found it progressively difficult to find anything antagonistic about this application. However we do think that user interface (UI) is a little cluttered on the free version, as you can notice that the advertisements are intruding on the space for viewing the wallpapers. However this is very minor and be easily solved by paying a rather pricey, but worth it $1.99 to remove these advertisements. Additionally by doing so you will receive a different range of wallpapers if the free ones don’t captivate your interest.


You can get the App for FREE from here

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