IMEI Unlocks Available for iPhone 4 on iOS 5.1.1

IMEI UnlockAs most of you know there has been an unlock for the newer iPhone 4S in the form or a Gevey Ultra S sSIM for a while now, but for users with an iPhone 4 that updated to the latest 5.1.1 version there was no unlock solution available until now.

A new tool has just been released that offers an IMEI unlock solution that will unlock your iPhone regardless of iOS version, baseband version or iPhone model.
This is good news for iPhone 4 users who are stuck on baseband 04.12.01 or 04.11.08 and have been looking for an unlock.

IMEI Unlocks are permanent factory unlocks that will unlock any iPhone model and any version permanently. Even (future) iOS version updates are supported. Once your device is unlocked via IMEI it will stay unlocked forever.

Unfortunately, the IMEI unlock is not available for every network. In the USA, AT&T and Sprint are supported, but if you are a Canadian iPhone user then you are still out of luck: Canadian networks are not supported until now.

If you travel a lot and want to use (cheaper) local SIM cards in your iPhone, you can use the Gevey as a temporary unlock solution. If you want to unlock your device permanently, or if you are stuck on an iPhone 4 with latest iOS version the IMEI unlock is the only solution.

The unlock appears to be extremely easy. Simply submit your iPhone’s unique 15 digits IMEI number and wait until you receive an email with instructions: Connect the iPhone to iTunes and you will see a message “Congratulations, your iPhone is unlocked”. You can now use any SIM card in your iPhone. Turn around times for unlocking vary and depend on the network and country your iPhone is locked to.

You can check out to learn more about this.