Google Glass Announced, Pre-Orders Start From $1500 for US Based I/O Attendees

Google today at Google I/O finally revealed Google Glass, something that holds the future of augmented reality. Sergey Brin did a long demo explaining all the features of the Google Glass and mentioned that US based Google I/O attendees will be able to pre-order these cool glasses for $1500 and that the Google Glass will start shipping in early 2013.

It is only US based at the moment due to regulatory restrictions in other countries. The product is not ready yet for consumer use and developers will receive a product that is not ready for prime time usage. The final product could contain bugs.

That is the sole reason that Google is shipping this to only developers as the company needs their help t further refine and evolve the project into something valuable for consumers.

You can’t get them at the moment, but can definitely expect some versions on eBay after they start shipping.

Google also released a very interesting video about Google Glass which took the internet by storm. Here it is –

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