Gmail for iOS Finally Adds Support for Notification Center

After a long time, Google has finally added support for Notification Center on Gmail for iOS. The App allows users to access only Google Mail in an intuitive format and has acquired full credit for its user interface design. When released, Gmail for iOS was a complete disaster. The App was released on the App Store and then even pulled back as it did not function as advertised and contained a lot of bugs. But, Google survived the PR storm and again made it available on the App Store for iOS users.

Now after a very long time, the App support Notification Center. So if you’ve got some mails that are new or are unread, you could just swipe that “Notification Center” thing down and get instant access to them.

The new update also includes “Send As” and “Persistent Login” features. Sessions no longer expire and you can always stay logged in unless you choose to log out. “Send As” can be used if configured properly using the web version.

The App is still not perfect and lacks many features like support for Multiple Accounts. Basically, it is not required on iOS.

Grab it for free from here.