Firefox Coming to the iPad

At Mozilla’s Product Design Strategy event, the open-source giant revealed a prototype of Firefox for iPad. Alex Limi and Trond Werner Hansen were the two designers that showed off Junior, a web browser from Mozilla that is meant to serve the purpose of Firefox on iPad, but does not appear to be like Firefox in any way. Limi said that Safari on iPad is “a pretty miserable experience” and that with Junior, the team will “throw out everything we know about browsers so far” to “reinvent the browser for a new form factor”.

The browser appears to be full screen with not tabs or scrolling. Only the web page is viewed. Recently, Yahoo has also released Yahoo! Axis and the rumor mill also believes that Google will soon be launching Chrome for iOS. Mozilla also has got Firefox Home for iOS which basically syncs all your bookmarks and tabs from your desktop Firefox to your mobile device, but it is in no way or form any bit useful.

Here is the video –

Image credit – The Verge