FreakDroid Is A Robot With A Thing For Movies

FreakDroid is a new iPhone and Android App which includes a robot who has a thing or two for movies. The robot is witty and claims to know all about movies. In FreakDroid, if you think you are a movie buff and are up to the challenge, you can connect with your Facebook account to take a quiz which will ask you all about films. Questions seem to be updated on a daily basis.

The App design looks fresh and neatly done. Although the user interface is planned out, more work needs to be put into the user experience and navigation. The way the robot speaks is very intriguing. The App is also well-connected with social media so you can post your updates to Twitter and Facebook. To move the robot to a different location to scan new objects, you can simply swipe and the robot will move.

The thing that bugs me about this App is that you always have to connect to your Facebook account to play the quiz. Also, the game can be confusing at first and you probably won’t know what to do. If you are the patient kind of person, you will figure it out eventually.

Overall, if you are a geek and a movie freak at the same time, FreakDroid is for you.

You can get the iPhone version for free and Android version for free as well.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 7/10 (+1 for being free)