TinyCo Says Amazon App Store Beats Google Play And Even iOS

imageTinyCo, an application development company have shared their revenue sources and shed light on which company generates more revenue per user. TinyCo prepared a chart for revenues that come in for the game Tiny Village from the Apple App Store, Amazon App Store and Google Play. It appears that for TinyCo, the Amazon App Store has been performing way above expectations and also leaves behind the Apple App Store in terms of revenue. For devices including phones and tablets, 100% of the revenue comes in from the Apple App Store, 180% from the Amazon App Store and 65% from Google Play.

With the whole mobile App experience being new to Google, it clearly seems that Google is a bit behind in this arena. But with its recent efforts in completely revamping the Android App Store experience, it should not be far away in the competition.

Amazon has got years of experience with its online shopping experience so many customers already know the 1-click purchase system which makes the entire process seamless and ultimately more beneficial for developers.