Rainbow Train Teaches Your Kids All About Colors

Rainbow Train AppRainbow Train is a new App available on the App Store for iOS that will help teach your kids all about the unique colors in a fun and exciting way. Standing in the educational category, this App has the potential to be a chart-topper. Rainbow Train has an interface that will dazzle you at first sight. The game has three in-built game modes that allow your toddler to learn about colors in an intuitive way.

The App also pronounces each and every color so the kid better understands the color and is able to quickly memorize them. The part that will charm users most is the graphical user interface. It is clear that the developers have put a lot of effort into having the interface designed. In one game mode, a train with different compartments keeps moving on and you will be presented with objects with different colors. Your objective is to simply drag and drop the colored object into the right color compartment. Extremely simple. You are also allowed to customize the difficulty level.

A very good App for kids. Check out the video that we did to get a better understanding of the App.

You can get the App from the App Store for $1.99 and we highly recommend it.