Square Debuts New iPad App and Web Based Analytics Tool for Merchants

Square, the hot startup launched by Jack Dorsey has recently announced a new iPad App and a web based analytics tool for merchants. If you don’t know about Square, it completely revolutionizes the way payments are made at stores across the globe. The free card reader just goes into the 3.5mm slot of your device and users are able to make payments instantly. With the new iPad App, things are about to change drastically.

Square also recently announced that they are processing over $4B per year. This new tool gives merchants and small business owners something really charming. They can now remove their clunky cash registers and just replace them with an iPad with the Square card reader and the Square App installed. The video above demonstrates the scenario.

Merchants will also be able to keep track of users using the online web based analytics tool. We think this is one step forward in the right direction for Square and a huge bonus of merchants across the globe. You can get the App from here for free.