Review – Pin Master HD – Bookmark The Places You’ve Visited

Pin Master HD could be considered as an essential App for your travel needs. The basic idea of it allows you to pin locations onto a Google map to record where you have been on any particular trip. There are so many great customizable features to aid you in doing so. This application retails for free on the App Store.


There’s no doubt that the developer has spent a decent amount of time in developing and designing the user interface of this app, due to the fact that everything is graphically appealing towards the eye upon usage. We also like the way in which the navigation has been developed in this App, because of the fact that everything is right in front of you, moreover there isn’t any evidence of a ‘cluttered’ interface.
One of the most refreshing pro points about this App is the outstanding customer service that is offered by the developer. It really does compliment the app nicely. Upon first boot you will be greeted with an annotation style tutorial, which shows you the basics of the app. In addition to this you will find a ‘light bulb’ within the main screen of the app, which will give you some further tips if you so wish. Furthermore you can clearly see that the developers are making an exceptional effort to keep you happy as there are a range of buttons in which you can give feedback or request support from. We like this due to the fact that it isn’t commonly seen in many apps.

During the process of pinning a location via the Google related maps that are situated within this app, you will discover that you can really personalize what you are doing. To round off the good points if this app, we thought that it would be good to mention that this app is now available on the app store for free, although it does include in-app purchases.


After around 3-4 days of usage, we have found that there are some minor downfalls that could potentially affect the experience you have with this Application. For example, this App doesn’t use the connectivity of your iOS device to its full potential. We have experienced slower loading speeds on this app in comparison to the stock Apple Apps and those of more established developers. We think this could be potentially an issue with the code that has been written by the developers. On the flip side, we think that this can be easily fixed via a software update.

Upon creating a pin for any particular destination, it was noticed that there aren’t any grammatical corrections, for example there isn’t any auto capitalisation offered when writing in this App, thus we find that this is quite disappointing.


A feature rich, intuitive application is offered at no extra cost from the App Store – shows its true colours most of the time. With exceptional customer service, we can guarantee that any issues that you are having with this app can be easily resolved. We commend the developers for such opportunities. However, we think that this Application could use some small amount of housekeeping to make it feel better.

TheAppleGoogle rating: 9/10

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