Review – Cut the Buttons for iOS

Cut The Buttons: LogoSo, you’ve got yourself a new iPad and now its time to get some awesome news apps to take advantage of those blazingly fast quad core graphics. Cut The Buttons might be just for you. This App, developed by Open Name LTD, presents a very unique gaming experience, but at the same time there are a few things that you can easily relate to that you have possibly seen in other applications within the App Store.

Being the kind of people who like to ‘casually’ game, here at TheAppleGoogle we are quite fond of games that are in this category. The aim of the game here is to cut the most amount of buttons of the pieces of fabric as possible. Furthermore, from this though you have to collect them into a basket, which can be positioned relative to where you decide to cut the buttons off, in addition to this you can move the basket while you are busy cutting buttons off of clothes. However like many games, there is a slight twist in the synopsis. Embedded within these items of clothing and pieces of fabric can be metal items, like screws and pins. If these are cut, not only do you lose points but you take there risk of damaging your all mighty, multitouch, scissors.

Cut The Buttons (Gameplay)


You will immediately find when you first open up this App that it takes full advantage of the multitouch gestures used on the iOS platform. This is because of the fact that you have to use the ‘scissor action’ to navigate around the app, similar to fruit ninja. We feel that the developer has put a great amount of effort into optimizing this Application for ease of navigation. They have done a great job in that sense. Once in the game, you will find that more and more multitouch gestures are necessary. Due to the fact that you have the option of moving the basket around to maximize the amount of buttons that you collect, which results in you accumulating more points.

As you have read above, we think that this App could be the perfect companion for your new iPad, of course you can still run this Application very smoothly on both the iPad 1st generation and the iPad 2, and the graphical interface is still one of the best out there and we can blatantly see that the developers have spent a lot of money and time on designing this App, so that it can keep up with all of the other graphically beautiful Apps within its category. On the flip-side though, they have very recently updated their App, so that its retina display friendly. Wow! This is like a whole different Application with the retina display, purely because of the detail that is presented, and more notably the color saturation, reproduction and distribution.


Despite the fact that we like the cross platform capabilities of this App we feel that its pretty pointless to use on the iPhone, due to the issue of the smaller screen. A reason for this is that it really does take advantage of the larger screen.

People who sport larger hands/fingers may have a somewhat hard time playing this game. A reason why we think this is because, the scissors are one size and the one size is rather small. Furthermore we have found that this issue can cause the scissor to appear quite jumpy in some situations – that regularly occur within normal gameplay.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 9/10

You can get it from here for just $0.99.