RateThis! for iOS Can Help You Make Decisions [REVIEW]

RateThis! IconWith its simplistic user interface and robust development structure, RateThis! Is a fun and interesting App, which is free on the App Store. It sometimes appears that CookieJar Solutions have based this App on a website called ‘Rate This Object dot com’, which is no longer around these days. So it is nice to see a version of this website brought onto the mobile application platform.

The user interface of this Application is somewhat reminiscent of that in Windows Phone 7.5 as it used transparent large texts within its menus and a simple color scheme that is nicely consistent throughout all of the screens within the App. There are some decent instructions on how to rate the objects when the Application is first launched – which is always good for keeping the pressure off of help wikis and support hotlines. In addition to this we feel that this App has been thought out in a way that it will make it intuitive for the user. It is almost as if they have taken a leaf out of Twitter’s book too, as there are trending topics within the app that explains to the user what people are mostly liking and what they are generally taking interest on – much like the ‘Trending Topics’ on Twitter.

We like the transitions that are used within this Application due to the fact that they are different for a normal app that would come from the App Store, furthermore we like the transitions because of how smooth they are and how they always just work.

We have been testing this App for a few days now, daily. And we don’t appear to have had any bug issues and issues of crashing, which is also good.

Some negative points have been found when testing this App however none to stop one downloading it. We have found that some of the bold text can be off the page, which sometimes makes it unreadable, we think that this may be put in deliberately for effect, which looks good, but if its not readable then there isn’t much point. Also we have found that the menus looks slightly unprofessional and complicated in places. More notably though we have found that some of the menus are out of alignment – which also looks very unprofessional for an App.

Overall we feel that this app provides a good experience of someone who wants to have a bit of fun with their friends or in their free time. And as this App is free, there is even more reason to do so. We feel that CookieJar Solutions have put a good amount of effort into this App and we’d hope that many of you would agree with us that it would be worth paying at least $0.99.


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