RateThis! App Developer Speaks [INTERVIEW]

ratethisAt TheAppleGoogle, we really love talking to developers and also the entire idea of the App ecosystem. RateThis! is an interesting App that helps you make decisions and rate random stuff. The idea is pretty neat and so we talk to the developers in this DevDialogue.

1. How did you conceive the idea for the App?

I was sitting at work discussing with a friend what we should do that night, and we realized we had to go to all the various separate sections where our friends sat to organise something, or do it via email which is also messy. There had to be a better way, and this app clicked. My co-founder, Micheal Cook then refined the idea to a ‘This or That’ concept with pictures.

2. Do you think Apple’s offerings for developers for developing Apps is good? Are there any changes required?

Yeah it’s great. We barely had to make any changes so no big deal there.

3. What is your marketing strategy? What marketing techniques do you use to promote your App in this heavily competitive application space?

We have been reaching out to websites like your own, and using social media to spread the message to varying amounts of success.

4. Can you describe your “Eureka” moment while developing the App?

We never had one actually, it was a long slow process but we had the idea and vision all along.

5. How did you come to decide the price that you would be charging users to purchase your App?

Well, since we wanted everyone to use it, we wanted the cost of entry to be minimal, so we priced it free.

6. What gave you the kick to convert your idea into reality? What kept you awake all night long?

My co-founder. Without him this never would have been made.

7. Your thoughts on paid marketing? Paid ads, reviews, sponsorship and more. What made your App’s marketing plan successful?

Well, to say it has been a success is premature so far, but at the beginning, it almost seems like paid ads and reviews are necessary to get the required momentum. We don’t really have issues with it. Every company that sells you theses ads discloses it to their readers, and they give an honest assessment of the app. I see it as win/win.