Itzy3D Is A Game for iOS In Which You’ve Got A Lot To Do With A Spider

itzyItzy is an interactive game in which your job is to simply control a spider by spinning webs and help it reach a certain destination. The game is entertaining on iPhone, but on iPad, the graphics just don’t stack up. The gameplay is fascinating and the mazes are well planned.

The in-game graphics are good but the graphics on the options side like the menu and the achievements area does not meet the required standards. When you fire up the game, an incredible part is that it will offer you a well detailed tutorial which will allow you to understand how to play and move your way around the maze.

You should quickly get a hang of it as the overall gameplay isn’t that tough. Personally, I believe that the developers should have added a map option so you don’t get confused where the spider needs to go. You can just tap and hold on a particular direction, and the spider will obey you. Looking at the credits, it appears that a lot of work has been put into this game. With more work, the good gameplay can be made better and the graphics can be made a whole lot better and this game could be huge.

Overall, the game is neat, gameplay is good, graphics are not good, sounds are good, design needs a lot of improvement and certain elements and key features like the map option needs to be thought out. The price is a bit high at $2.99. You can get it from the App Store.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 6/10

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