iPad 3 Screen To Have Texture Emulation

If the latest rumors prove to be true, Apple could unveil the world’s most awesome tablet, the iPad 3 featuring a revolutionary and groundbreaking technology that will enable the screen to emulate a texture that can be felt by the user.

This technology reportedly comes from a Finland based company called Senseg, which made this E-sense display. This technology can apparently make the screen feel rough, rounded, or rigid. These textures are generated by ‘tixels’ that are generated from electric fields made by elements embedded in the screen.
This could also answer why Apple added the ‘touch’ part in its invitation to the iPad event, which was

“We have something you realty need to see. And touch.”

Lets not forget about the rumored Corning Gorilla Glass 2, could the iPad 3 sport that?

What do you guys think about this? Could these rumors be true? And if they are, will they decrease battery life amd increase screen vulnerability?

Anyways, we’ll find out later today at the iPad event and we at TheAppleGoogle will be covering it.

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