AT&T claims ‘Record Sales’ for the new iPad

According to CNNMoney, the US carrier AT&T announced today that sales of the 4G sporting third generation Apple tablet made a single day record. Though some of you might be curious for actual figures, but for now the company simply claims that there is ‘Robust Demand for the new iPad’.

Incase you’re wondering, these 4G capable iPads along with their WiFi only siblings went on sale this Friday, 16th March, with AT&T picking up the 4G model the same day.

AT&T wasn’t the only one who announced record numbers, earlier today, Apple too, announced that they were ‘very thrilled’ as this was a ‘record weekend’ for sales.

Even though it offers the 4G iPad to its customers, Verizon hasn’t commented on any sales, maybe people prefer AT&T over Verizon for 4G or Verizon just decided to stay quiet.

Have you got the 4G iPad? Or do you have the WiFi version? And if from a carrier, which one do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below: