Apple TV ‘Out of Stock’ In 98% Of Retail Stores In The U.S.

Apple TV 2
As the rumors have been stacking up for the potential iPad 3 that will be released today, the rumors have seem to have calmed down for the Apple TV. However some final last ones have come into the pipeline, with some background information about the stock levels of the current Apple TV second generation. It appears that 98% of Apple TV’s throughout the U.S Apple Retail Store ecosystem have been showing on the website and in-store as ‘Out of Stock’.

This is a prime example of one of the moves that Apple makes when they are about to release another product – so this could mean that they are going to be doing a refresh of the already excellent Apple TV. However some speculations argue this point and they mention that Apple do this to stir the reactions and expectations of the general public. More notably they think that there will just be software update pushed to it to improve streaming resolutions and add more online features.

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