Apple To Announce An 8GB Version iPad 2 On Wednesday [RUMOR]

iPad 2 8Gbn
As some of the last iPad 3 speculations flood into the world of rumors, there was one that caught our eye here at TheAppleGoogle. Rumors say that next week’s Wednesday event we will see Apple announce a 16GB and 32GB iPad 3’s and a cheaper iPad 2 8GB for those who are on a smaller budget. We think that this is a very strong point and that introducing a cheaper version would be far better with most of the data now being hosted on iCloud.

There must be some reasoning behind this rumor and we think that it could be because of what Apple have done to the previous generation iPhones over the last few years – made an 8Gb version for those who are on a budget. So maybe it hasn’t just been pulled out of nowhere. As we say with all rumors, don’t take them for granted as they are just predictions and speculations [AND REALLY INTERESTING]