25 billion Apps downloadedGo to Apple’s website now and you’ll notice that the countdown ticker to the 25th billion App has been replaced by a note that says “A billion thanks. 25 times over.”. The 25th billion App from the App Store has been downloaded on March 2nd and someone would have just one a $10,000 gift card from Apple.

The lucky winner hasn’t been announced yet but Apple’s executives would sure be calling that guy by phone or reaching out to him/her via mail (if you think you’ve won, don’t keep your phone engaged).

With just 4 years of experience, the Apple App Store serves an amazing average of 18,768,768 apps downloaded every day. Yep, every day! A gold mine for developers and an extravaganza for users.

Here’s to the App Store and to 50 billion Apps downloaded within the next 5 months. Let’s see.