Writing Kit 3.0 App Now Available, Adds New Features And A Brand New Icon

Writing Kit 3.0 (Logo)A company called ‘Anh Do’, from London, United Kingdom, announced today that they are releasing their latest version of their App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The developer believes that this latest update for ‘Writing Kit 3.0’ is a major one that will have a good effect on the overall writing experience of the user. ‘Writing Kit 3.0’ makes the App more social, fixes bugs and sports an all new icon. To give you a bit of an insight about ‘Writing Kit’, the App helps you record, HTML and various markup terms, lines of code to turn into HTML files that can then be sent to Evernote, Facebook, Twitter Posterous and Tumblr. Full authorized readability integration is also included in this new version.

Writing Kit UI (User Interface)

Complete list of changes include –

Version 3.0 contains the following changes:
* Added: New fancy icon
* Added: Clever Return Key. This will automatically create new paragraphs, add list items, extend block quotes and code snippets when you tap on the Return key. If you don’t like it, turn it off in the in-app Settings > Clever Return Key
* Added: Redesigned File Drawer screen, with ability to sort files by name and modification date. Note that the New file button has been moved into this screen as well
* Added: Swipe with 2 fingers on iPad to the left/right to undo/redo. Shake to undo on iPhone
* Added: Readability integration. Please go to the Settings app, change your Read later service to Readability to enable it. You can send links to Readability the same way you did with Instapaper; and access its unread items from the Queue button as well
* Added: Readability mobilizer. Text-only mode is now powered by Readability mobilizer by default. You can change it back to use Instapaper mobilizer by going to the Settings app > Mobilizer service
* Added: Paste from Clipboard button in Insert Link/Quote dialog
* Added: Convert Inline Links to References command in Tasks > Markdown Source Code
* Added: Completely revamped Quick Research interface
* Added: More than 300 !bang commands from DuckDuckGo
* Changed: All the ‘Learn more’ buttons into ‘Quick Research’ to keep them persistent
* Changed: Only Dropbox-incompatible characters are stripped from file names
* Changed: Default file names are now less ugly
* Fixed: Choose from Library button doesn’t work in iPhone

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