Twitter Just Got Kicked Out Of My iPad

tweetbotI recently kicked the official Twitter App right off my iPad. Although it was jiggling and pleading to be given a position on my home screen, it wasn’t allowed that privilege. As TweetBot for iPad was recently released by Tapbots, the official Twitter App just doesn’t come any where near it.

Comparing the features, design, aesthetics and even the functionality, it was clear at first sight that Tweetbot was the only Twitter client that I needed. The developers say that it is the only Twitter client with “personality”. TweetBot has been my primary go-to Twitter client on my iPhone, but I usually stuck with the official Twitter App for my iPad as the alternatives were usually bogged down with ads or crashed too often. With the arrival of TweetBot for iPad, I had no other choice.

What have you done? Which Twitter client do you use on your iPad? Let us know.