Spotting the Hints Apple Gave About Their Upcoming Event With Their Invitation

ipad 3 eventApple loves to give hints by virtue of their invitations which are very carefully crafted and where every thing that has a place on the invitation means something important. We all know how Apple is a lot detail and design oriented, so they usually do their best to tease us with their remarkable invitations. For the upcoming March 7th event, it is clear that the event is going to be about iPad 3, but here are some more clues that we found in the picture.

1. The background image and the calendar App icon look sharper than that on iPad 2 indicating a brand new retina display.

2. Absence of a physical home screen button. We all love the multitasking gestures on our iPads that absolutely remove the need for a home screen button. The image does not show a home screen button which could mean that the iPad 3 won’t sport it. Unless the iPad is kept in landscape mode in the image, that should be the case.

3. “We have something you really have to see. And touch.” Notice the full-stop after “see”. It could indicate that not only is Apple going to release iPad 3 (touch), but also a brand new much-awaited Apple TV 3 (see).

4. The three fingers on the image and even the three icons are a clear indication that the next iPad will be called “iPad 3”.

5. The bronze shaded back of the iPad could indicate a different styled back casing for the device.

6. Nobody is talking much about this, but we think Apple will definitely add Siri to the iPad.

Those were our predictions. Gizmodo and CultofMac have also drawn out some conclusions too.

The one from CultofMac

by gizmodo

Either way, we will keep you updated and we will also cover the March 7th event live. What about you? Can you spot something unique with the invitation?