‘Things’ Receives A Much Needed Update

Things Cloud Beta

‘Things’ is one of the most popular to-do Apps on the iPhone, iPad and Mac and the developers of ‘Things’, Cultured Code, have been doing a large amount of research and development preparation for their new addition to the service. Things Cloud. This software has been in private beta testing for nearly a year now and has now been made available for public beta test. Some say that this will potentially iron out more issues that users could be experiencing with this product as there are a lot of ‘power’ users out there that may not have known about the private beta or just didn’t get invited to participate in it.

Of course this isn’t the first cloud syncing to-do App as there are a couple more out there already that offer cloud syncing including Wunderlist and OmniFocus. There is a beta version now available for the Mac, iPhone and iPad. To gain access to the beta version you can follow this link for instructions and more information about becoming a beta tester.

Reports show that the beta software does work well in a cross platform environment, however we think that many people have lost interest and found alternatives as it has taken Cultured Code over a year to get this new feature up and running. Reports also state that these new features carry through the exceptional design features that previous versions have housed in the past. A report from Cult Of Mac states “I’ve always loved the simplistic design of Things, and it totally deserves the Apple Design Award it won back in 2009”

As you may know, the ‘Things’ range of Apps do come at a hefty price, its estimated around $80 for all three Apps in total, which is a high price to pay when they don’t update it as often as many other developers do. It is thought that the cloud services that are housed within Cultured Code’s line of Apps are much more advanced than that of other Apps on the App Store of this category. This could be a good reason why it has taken them a long time to get this fixed up. Never the less Things still remains our favorite todo App, due to its amazing design features and its robust user interface.


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