Twitterlator Neue Now Includes Push. On Sale for 48 Hours

twitterlatorTwitterlator Neue, the Twitter client for iOS 5 wiht inline photos and an incredible user interface has been updated to v1.1 which includes push notifications, a much-awaited feature and displays pictures in a better manner. The App is also on a 48 hour sale and is available for just $0.99 instead of the regular $2.99. It’s an amazing Twitter client, and if you are in the market for one, now should be the best time to get it.

Major New Features in v1.1 include:


* Push Notifications. Receive up-to-the minute notifications about your Twitter accounts. You can use Twittelator Neue’s Do-Not-Disturb settings to keep things quiet when you want them to be. Powered by Boxcar.

* Timeline Galleries. Get a bird’s eye view of the photos in a timeline. Timeline Galleries in Twittelator Neue presents photos with stunning, fluid animations.

* Tweet Replies. “Where’s the best sushi in San Francisco?”. Twittelator Neue can seek out what people said in an instant.

* Recent User Photos. Just tap on a person’s profile picture and get a glimpse into the things they’ve been snapping lately.

* Performance. We take performance so seriously that we consider it a feature. Twittelator Neue 1.1 reflects that with many performance and stability improvements.