Top 5 Apps To Help You Stay Fit and Healthy

With it being the New Year, most of us have made resolutions that include staying fit, healthy and to plan a routine that incorporates healthy eating and exercise. In this article, we will present to you five great apps for your iPhone or iPad that will help you along the way to reach you goals. The below top five Apps will help you stay fit and healthy.

If you are a runner or are interested in running, jogging, or just walking, RunKeeper is the essential app for you. RunKeeper combines a beautiful interface with some of the best features you will find in the App Store. You can view current pace (minutes/mile), workout time, calories burned, speed, and more from the screen directly which is great if you wear your device on your arm.

RunKeeper also syncs with the RunKeeper website so you can view your workout at home, if you want to further analyse how you are doing. RunKeeper can also save presets, so you don’t have to mess around everytime, all for free.

Amazing UI
So many features which are easy to view

Music intergration could be improved
iPod doesn’t have GPS so locaton features are disabled.

Calorie Counter
Calorie Counter
You are doing all this work running and jogging, but you dont know how many calories you are gaining after you’ve lost loads doing exercise. Well, MyFitnessPal have you covered with thier own Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker. The App allows you to track everything you have consumed (food and drink) over the day, with over 1 million foods on thier database. You can scan barcodes in the store and find their nutritional values.

Calorie Counter also has the ability to sync over the web, and you can add your data via your browser too. iPod users aren’t left out either as a streamlined database is available offline. The cost of all these features? Free, yep, MyFitnessPal will let you have all of this for free. How can you turn this down?

Can also view exersises
Set Goals
Nice UI


Nike Training Club
Nike Training Club
Okay, now that you are slimmer, you now manage your diet, let’s buff you up. Nike Training Club will do just that with over 85 custom workout, put together by celebrities, athletes and high profile personal trainers. Workouts come in 15, 30 and 45 minute time frames, and explain these in detail for you. You can choose a program that fits your goal and get pumping. Nike Training Club is a great app for those who want to tone up or keep fitness at peak. Reviews by users also state this app is great and again Nike Training Club is free.

Great workout programs
Step by Step instuctions
Audio guideance for motivation

Not many workouts

Brought by the developer of Tweetbot (which, by the way I love) is Weightbot. Weightbot in my opinion has the best interface of any Weight tracking apps on the App Store. With Weightbot you can input your weight once a day, view BMI and set a goal where you would be satisfied with your weight. But my favourite feature of this application is the passcode lock so no one gets access to your sensitive weight information.

Amazing UI, probably the best.
All the features you need, no bloated features.

The price $1.99 (£1.49)

This isn’t exactly a fitness app, but combined with fitness Apps this one can be very powerful. Commit allows you to set daily goals, and be reminded of them at a certain time and tracks on what days you did or didn’t with the simplest interface ever, and it just works. Once you are done with a set task, you can just hit the large commit button and be done with it forever.

Cheap ($0.99 or 0.69p)

None, some may argue about lack of features, but that’s the point of this application.


With all these applcations, you can really make a good workout routine, and slowly evolve your workouts to something spectacular, so give them a try and good luck.