Qantas May Be Using Jailbroken iPads for In-Flight Entertainment

wrvAlong with a few other airlines around the world, Qantas has decided to introduce its ‘Q-Streaming’ in flight entertainment system. This feature will be issued to all economy and business class passengers. This will all be put into action on one of their Boeing 767 planes. It will be firstly introduced onto the shorter flights, Sydney-Melbourne-Brisbane will be one of the routes that will be trying out the new in flight entertainment from Qantas.

The company reports that the iPads will be ‘locked down’ and wont be able to be used when out of range from the aircraft. The Q-Streaming software bypasses the traditional home screen created by Apple and boots straight into the software that was developed for Qantas. The name ‘Q-Streaming’ tells us that the software is operated from a wireless network that is situated within the aircraft. Perhaps there could be quite a few issues that could potentially occur when loads of data is being streamed to lots of individual devices, only time will tell.

What intrigues us is that Apple, the company that wants everybody to use their software is letting Qantas use their own software to run on the iPads. Perhaps Apple see no fear that Qantas, an Australian international airline, will try and compete against them by developing their software to compete with Apple’s.

What is also interesting is that the iPads deactivate/‘lock’ when away from the aircraft, whether they have worked with Apple to do such thing, or is it jailbroken? We comprehend somehow that Apple will not agree with this. There is only one way to find out and that is to experience the ‘Qantas iPads’ themselves.

Despite all of these potential pitfalls legally, we think that this is definitely a step in the correct direction for the world of airlines and taking flights. You will agree with this if you have ever used in-flight entertainment, its not the smoothest.

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