iPhone 4S Sales Cancelled in Beijing, Users Throw Eggs

Swarms of people have been vandalising Apple stores in China after Apple suspended sales of the 4S. Customers who waited overnight in below minus 9 temperatures after Apple’s main China store, located in Beijing’s Sanlitun had not opened their doors. Apple was to open doors at 7:00 am but come 7:15 am, those waiting in line started chanting “liars!” and “open the doors”.

A man then later announced via bullhorn that the 4S would not be going on sale, while Apple closed the store for safety reasons. Disappointed customers (or ex-customers) started to pelt the store with eggs. This problem only affected the Beijing store as the launch went smoothly across the rest of the country.

Apple have obviously failed their Chinese customers for the most part, but will they be able to solve the issues and give Beijing customers the service they waited for, I think a lot of redeeming will be needed to get Appleā€™s famously known customer loyalty back.