Interview With the Developer Whose App Got Rejected For Paying Tribute to Steve Jobs

steve jobs calendar appApple recently rejected an application in the App Store that paid tribute to Steve Jobs. In this interview, we talk directly to the developer of the application to get a behind the scenes picture and discuss about the next steps.

1. What did the App do? How did you conceive the idea for the App?

– Application’s name is Tribute Calendar – its Special Edition app of PhotoCalendar ( app lets you create Calendar wallpaper with the image of popular Steve Jobs images. Also there are multiple themes and convenient positions to place the calendar image.

We release special edition of PhotoCalendar about events, personalities we love to honour. Earlier Royal Wedding Calendar ( ) was released with same idea.
Steve Jobs made larger impact to our personal life, and thats how the idea of Tribute Calendar was invoked.

2. Why do you think Apple has rejected your App? Any particular reasons that come to your mind?

Apple has been very sensitive about their trademarks, patents , individuals associated with the Apple. Apple is also very sensitive and selective when it comes to Steve Jobs. Considering the nature of our application, we don’t think there is any thing objectionable at all. But we respect Apple’s decision

3. What will be your next step relating to this App? Would you still be wanting to get this in the hands of users or will you focus on some other project?

We will be releasing the App on Cydia Market, also figuring out the way to reach out normal App Store Customers via next PhotoCalendar ( & ) update.

4. Do you think Apple is right in the decision? How do you think Steve Jobs has changed the world for you (if he has)?

We respect the decision made by Apple, although we are quite disappointed because of rejection. Steve Jobs always been inspiration to us , you can find the simplicity and clarity which Steve liked in our applications.

If you’ve got any other questions for the developer, just ask it in the comments section below and we will make sure it gets answered.