Google Changes Privacy Terms. Can Now Combine Every Piece of Data About You To Create One Profile

privacyGoogle today changed its privacy policies and terms and it seems that they are now gearing up against Twitter, Facebook and Apple for delivering the most relevant information. The company has now combined over seventy different policies into one that mentions that Google now has the ability to combine any information it has about you into one single profile to help you get more relevant results.

Google will use all of the information that you’ve shared across its over 70 services to determine every detail about you and help you serve better with relevant results. Instead of feeding results entirely via Twitter and Facebook about social searches, Google with the help of Google+ and its other offerings wants to change the landscape of social search. These new privacy settings only take them a step forward.

The new policies will also allow you to share any of your data hosted on Google’s servers with very few clicks.

You can check Google’s fancy privacy policy page here.