Camera+ Is Selling A Copy Every 3 Seconds

camera+ salesTap Tap Tap, the developers of the popular Camera+ application have just announced on their blog that their application is being purchased by users every 3 seconds. The company has to thank the release of the latest iPhone 4S for this success and the powerful camera system that the device sports. The company has generated over $5.1M in revenue, and with a price tag of just $0.99, it is already a huge success.

Here are a few details revealed by the team –

-on average, a copy of Camera+ is sold approximately every 3 seconds
-Camera+ was the top selling non-game app in the App Store in 2011
-over 5 million out of the total 6 million Camera+ sales have been in just the past 12 months
-Camera+ has had over 950,000 sales in the past 30 days alone
-even with the overall volatility of the App Store, Camera+ has consistently ranked in the Top 10 since -early September
-in-app purchases of the “I ♥ Analog” effects pack only account for about 5% of Camera+ total sales, but –this still adds up to over 340,000 sales to date, which on its own, would make for a highly successful standalone app